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About Us

About TheElectricJuicer.com


You can go without a juicer or even a food processor, but can you really go without a blender? Don’t ever mention this to anyone here but we all believe we are gifted at cooking! (Donna definitely isn’t but she can make some serious smoothies) Fact is, with a blender you need not even be a chef or a maestro at recreating classics or thinking up new intricate recipes. Mix and match your taste profile, chop and dice ingredients, puree, grind and mince stuff – do whatever your heart desires because, at the end of the day, a blender will help you no matter what. It is our motive to, therefore, educate and improve the awareness of our readers towards blenders in general and blending in particular.

Our Vision

We hope these reviews help you in your decision to choose a blender. We are doing most of the blender reviews here at TheElectricJuicer.com. Educating, reviewing, informing, interacting and discussing with our readers on everything to do with blenders.

Who We Are

We are a small team of writers, housewives, working women and above all foodies who felt the need for making a blender site that not only reviewed the best models and makes in the market but also shared recipes, helping others buy and make the blender a part of one’s daily kitchen life.

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